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Well its not totally that difficult. First you go to gift.akamaionline.com, which is the website they're giving away the cards on. Once you get there, take note of the store code. Once you have that, go back to the original site and enter that same store code on the pickup page. This is where the trouble comes in because it does not auto-fill the gift card information for you.

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We are no longer offering free gift cards through our affiliate partners. We are 100% funded by our site visitors. Our readers get to vote for the best blogs and if one of your posts gets featured on our site then your readers get to vote on the blog as well. A lot of our readers vote for all of our blogs.which can lead to referrals from your best selling blog posts to your other articles.

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In short, it is a free gift card that is redeemable for cash on the site and will expire within 90 days. You can spend this on anything on the site, or send it to someone you care about for a lovely surprise.The mineoffs.com This is such a great idea and so simple! We love the thoughtfulness of adding a handprint image of your child and then decorating the table with.

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